What You Can Do

We need your help.  While we have made tremendous progress with our opposition to these renewable projects, we CANNOT do it alone.  There are some issues that are just too important where you can not just stand by and do nothing.  This is one of those issues.  Together, as a community, we can stop these projects.

Know What Neighboring Landowners Are Doing

“All of your neighbors have signed up so you might as well or else you will miss out on the income but still have to look at the project.”  This is a common pitch that landowners report hearing from renewable salesmen.

This scare tactic is only successful when landowners do not know what their neighbors’ positions are on these projects.  If you have questions on what is going on around you, you can contact us and we will likely know or can help you find out.  

Contact Your County Officials

Under Texas Chapter 312 of the property tax code, County Commissioners can evaluate tax abatements out of the public eye.  Not until 30 days prior to their final vote must they notify the public of what is about to occur.  These are our elected officials who should represent the wishes of their constituents. So every resident must let their commissioner know how they feel about wind and solar in our counties.  Without these tax abatements, nearly all projects do not proceed.   So all concerned residents must let their commissioners know how they feel about solar and wind turbines in our counties.

County Judges

Brown County Judge
Judge Paul Lilly
200 South Broadway Street, Room 111
Brownwood, TX 76801
Ph: 325-643-1985
Fax: 325-643-1356

Coleman County Judge
Judge Billy D. Bledsoe
100 W. Liveoak St., Suite 102
Coleman, Texas 76834
PH:  325-625-4218

Brown County Commissioners 200 South Broadway, Room 322
Brownwood, Texas 76801

Precinct 1:  Gary Worley
325- 643-1985
Precinct 2:  Joe Kelton
Precinct 3:  Wayne Shaw
Precinct 4:  Larry Traweek

Coleman County Commissioners

100 W. Liveoak St., Suite 105

Coleman, Texas 76834

email : cclerk@web-access.net

Precinct 1:  Mark Williams
Precinct 2:  Rick Beal
Precinct 3:  Scotty Lawrence
Precinct 4: Alan Davis

Contact Your School District

Under Chapter 313 of the property tax code, a School District can provide a private company a 10-year limitation on the taxable property value for school district maintenance and operations tax (M&O) purposes. In exchange these companies are to bring jobs to our community. Unfortunately 87% of all waivers on the jobs requirement under Chapter 313 are Wind companies. However, landowners feel the impact of these wind and solar projects through less marketability of their land and devaluation of property value. Due the Chapter 41 "Robin Hood" school funding law, any financial benefit provided to a school district must be included in the calculation for funding per student and therefore may subject to recapture by state. The negatives of wind and solar far outweigh the benefits for Brown and Coleman County landowners and residents.

Bangs ISD

PO Box 969
200 Hall Street
Bangs, TX 76823
(325) 752-6612

Tony Truelove - Superintendent of Schools

Board of Trustees:

Eric Lykins - President

Jerry Roberts - Vice President

Lyndyl Tidwell - Secretary

Dennis Sanchez

Justin Duncan

Larry Drury

Steven Fuqua

Brookesmith ISD

PO Box 70613400 FM 586 S
Brookesmith, TX 76827
(325) 643-3023

Steven Mickelson - Superintendent of Schools

Board of Education:

Terry Been - President

Wendy Harris - Vice President

Rebecca Seamans - Secretary

Scott Burns - Board Member

Rusty Rice - Board Member

Tony Nelson - Board Member

Santa Anna ISD

701 Bowie Street
Santa Anna, Texas 76878
(325) 348-3136

David Robinett - Superintendent of Schools

Board of Education:
Janice Fellers - President
Mike Pritchard, Vice President
Denise Montgomery, Secretary
Glen Donham
Roger Guerrero, Jr.
Laurel Guthrie
David Herrod

Be Vocal

Talk about these wind and solar projects as much and with as many people as possible.  This issue affects everyone in our counties from the landowner, to the homeowner, to every business owner.  The impact will be felt for more than 60 years. Share this website, our Facebook page or direct anyone interested to contact us for more information.

Volunteer to Help

We need volunteer help from time to time for events, mailing, research or other activities.  Contact us if you would like to help keep these wind turbines and solar installations out of Brown and Coleman counties.

Want More Information?