An Organization of Concerned Landowners Fighting to Protect Land Rights and Texas Native Landscape

TLOW is now associated with Texas Landowners Coalition

What is TLOW

TLOW is committed to uniting landowners as they work to protect their land, property values and legacies against the destructive impact of the wind and solar installations. We are here to protect our landowners and residents who are negatively impacted in the areas near these projects.  Members of TLOW believe that the negative effects of wind and solar are far-reaching in communities. We believe that the multi-national corporations of the renewable industry have too little oversight and receive far too much of our taxes to fund an industry that negatively impacts our friends, neighbors and community.

Wind and Solar Are About Money

The Italians, the Spanish, British and the Chinese are just a few of internationally based companies that own and operate renewable developments in Texas.  Why would they be so interested in Texas?  Because Texas' government has created a taxpayer subsidizing boon for renewable energy companies.  Texas, a state that is known for high property taxes, has created property tax abatements and credits that account for a portion of the funding of renewable projects.  Our federal government also has provided two incredibly lucrative tax credit programs for the multi-national renewable corporations, the Production Tax Credit and the Investment Tax Credit. 

Who We Are

We are residents, landowners, business owners and officials who have sought out independent information on renewable energy and the potential impact on our community.  We have come together with the firm commitment to protect Brown and Coleman county landowners and our hill country homes from these massive abuses of power.   We will educate landowners and taxpayers on the negative impacts of renewables on property values, property taxes, marketability of our area, economic growth, jobs, and our way of life. In the traditions of Texans before us, we are committed to protecting Texas and fighting for landowner rights.  We are opposed the use of any local tax abatement for renewables and we are opposed to the use of imminent domain for renewable infrastructure.

Our Purpose

Share The Real Facts

Through extensive research, we have learned that wind and solar companies use the lack of discussion between neighbors to their benefit.  Our goal is to unite friends and neighbors to educate people in our communities on how the renewable projects can impact their way of life.

Connect Landowners

We know that renewable companies like to work quietly. Often times communities are unaware of their presence in the area until the multi-national companies approach the school board, city or county for tax abatements.  We strive to help communities know their options and provide them the tools needed to stop these projects in their steps.

Raise Community Awareness

We believe rural communities should have a choice and a voice where wind and solar is concerned. To that end, we will work with our elected state officials, hold public meetings, send letters, do interviews, and make sure our rural community voices are heard. 


Wind and Solar Facts

Click here to find the facts about wind that the renewable industry does not want you to know.  

What You Can Do

Renewable projects will affect every landowner and resident in Brown, Coleman and Counties.  Click here to learn how you can help prevent this from happening.


We spent hundreds of hours researching the impact of renewable projects on our community. Click here to find links to many of those sources.

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